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artist profile | hung liu

I'm not over-exaggerating when I say that when I saw these works of art by Chinese artist, Hung Liu, they literally took my breath away. I think I repeated "Oh my god, these are so beautiful" like a total idiot a thousand times. My pictures seriously do not do justice to the size, complexity, texture and overall beauty of these artworks. They're incredibly rich in detail and color and in my opinion, the artist has definitely captured the painful memories of China's past within her drippy, layered and lush linseed oil brushstrokes. There's something traditional yet modern within her works and when you look at each painting, it's like staring up close at the petals of a flower - rich and luminous at first, you try to take in all the details, then you're afraid its brightness, its nuances, will fade so you try your best to memorize and absorb as much as you can. Also, how awesome are those fire engine red staircases? Never realized how desperately I needed those in my life.

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